Sunday, June 2, 2013

This is an assignment I just did. I wanted to share it with you. It is apart of my communications lesson or ethics and behaviors. I thought it couldn't be more perfect. SubhanAllah that it was specifically about dress and attire.... 

In the professional world, people often "dress for success." They wear expensive suits and ties to give the impression that they are confident and powerful. High school and college students often dress to give the impression that they are "hip" or fashionable. When is it unethical to dress in a manner that masks the real you? Explain by using an example from your own experiences.

I think it is ethical to dress according to your situation and surroundings, so long as you are not compromising your core beliefs and morals. I do not think that you can mask who you are if these are truly the environments you wish to be in. Such as in the professional world, if that is where you are striving to be, and you want to look the part, then that is who you are choosing to be. If that is your definition of success, then you should strive for that. 

The only time I think dressing differently becomes unethical is when you compromise your beliefs and morals. Such as a teenager in school may think she needs to dress more inappropriately to fit in, or perhaps get more attention. I think younger women are most affected by this in our current society because of all the pressure to have popularity and attention from the opposite sex. 

This is why I myself have chosen to dress the way I do today. I have converted to my faith, so I have personally adopted a modest way of dressing I was not raised with. I never masked my real self, as I believed this is the person I wanted to be; modest, pious, and recognized as a believer of my faith. Most importantly, the way I dress is in accordance to what I believe is a commandment of my Creator. My mother would argue that this is not who I really am because she never saw me as this type of person. But as I have become an adult, I have learned this is who and what I want to be. I want to live my life according to what I believe is right and this is what I believe to be the correct way of life.


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